Confined Space Training

Legal Requirements as Required By the OHSA and Regulations

Participants will receive training in Legislation as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Regulations. 

- Regulation 632/05
- Regulation 213/91 - Section 221
- Regulation 851 - Section 119
- ACT - Section 25(2)(A),(D), and (H)

The purpose of confined space training is to assist your company with preventing accidents, illnesses and losses associated with confined space entry, work and exit/aggress or rescue.

This training will provide you with information necessary to:

  • Recognize confined spaces and related hazards.
  • Recognize controls.
  • Identify elements of an effective confined space program.
  • Evaluate and improve your basic confined space program (if there is already one in place).
  • Compare/check your program against a standard, identify deficiencies and identify actions to be taken to achieve standard.
  • Identify best practices for ventilation, PPE, lockout, rescue, confined space permits, and air testing/monitoring.

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Course Information

Course Length: 6 hours
Course Includes:
  Wall Certificate
  Wallet Cards
  Tests/Driving Evaluations
  Records of Training
Who Should Attend:
  Anyone who enteres confined space
  Managers, Supervisors
  Stand by persons
  Emergency Rescue Personnel
  Safety Reps
  This is a MANDATORY training program for anyone who may enter a confined space, or anyone involved in a confined space entry.
  At Your Location
  Our Training Facility
  On our Mobile Safety Bus
Price: 185.00/person
  * price does not include HST 
  * travel costs may apply



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