Job Site Safety Plans

No contractor wants to see employees, the public, or clients endangered by actions or conditions under the contractor's control. Injuries to workers, damage to a client's property, and other accident losses can severely affect a contractor's business. A Job Site Safety Program can help to reduce the likelihood of accidents and prevent the personal and financial losses that result. To be effective, the program doesn't have to be complicated, but a Job Site Safety Plan describes how business owners will be managing the safety of their work sites. This is a requirement under provincial safety laws. This Safety Plan will describe the following;

  • Information about the Company, Insurance, WSIB Clearance Certificates.
  • Health & Safety Policy Statement
  • Violence and Harassment Policy Statement
  • Duties of Employers, Supervisors and Workers
  • Role of the Safety Rep
  • Emergency contact information
  • Scope of the work to be done on current project
  • Employee Safety Orientation
  • Safety Rules for the project
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hazard reporting
  • Accident / Incident Investigations
  • Safe work instructions for the work to be done
  • Working At Heights Plan
  • Movement of Materials
  • Safety Talks
  • Records of Inspections, Certifications and Accreditations.
  • Plus much more.

The Job Site Safety Plans we develop for business are developed with the intent to reuse the plan for different projects. All that will be needed is a review and minor modifications to reflect the scope of each job. The costing to have one of our consultants develop your plan is surprisingly not that expensive. We can in most cases develop your plan for less than it would cost for you to do on your own. Call our office and let us show you what a properly developed Job Site Safety Plan should look like and what will be included in your plan.