Need a Guest Speaker?


Workplace Safety is a critical element of Ontario workplaces.  If employers are not vigilant in ensuring the safety of their workers the liability to those businesses can be huge.
Randy Dignard, founder and president of Industrial Safety Trainers Inc. is pleased to offer a series of discussions to Ontario businesses on issues they need to know to ensure the safety of their employees and compliance with Ontario Safety Laws.
If your organization is looking for an exciting key note speaker to deliver a dynamic, fact-based presentation in any of the topics listed below, please contact our office to make arrangements. 
Suggested topics to be presented include:
  • 10 common mistakes supervisors make when it comes to the safety of their staff.
  • 10 things employers may not be doing to protect the safety of their workers
  • Do you know what you are required to do if an accident happens at your workplace?
  • Who is the Ministry Of Labour and what authority do they have in your workplace? 
Each of the above presentations can be delivered within 30 to 60 minutes.  
About Mr. Dignard
Randy Dignard as one of Ontario’s leading safety consultants, recognized by Ontario courts as an expert in Workplace Safety has been involved in Workplace Safety for over 30 years. As president of Industrial Safety Trainers Inc, Randy spends most of his time coaching and mentoring business owners across Canada on how they can demonstrate due diligence and compliance to Ontario's Safety Laws.   
About Industrial Safety Trainers
Industrial Safety Trainers Inc. is one of the largest independently run training providers in Ontario. As WSIB authorized training providers of Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification Training. Our teaching styles are an interactive approach to training, which sees the participants engaging in problem solving discussions. The environment fostered is one of learning so that participants are readily able to accept safety concepts in this new era of heightened safety awareness.
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