Propane in Construction Training

Industrial Safety Trainers Inc. are approved and Audited TSSA Training Providers of Propane Construction.

Legal Requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act

  • Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulation 213, Sections 42 (storage cylinders), 20-25 (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • The Canada Labour Code, Part X11, Sections 12.1-12.9
  • National Standard of Canada Propane Installation, Code B149.2-M95
  • Storage of Cylinders for Commercial Use
  • TSSA Regulation 215/01

Course Content / Elements Covered:

  • Upon completion, participants will be able to recognize and evaluate the hazards associated with propane. They will also be able to safely connect, disconnect and activate propane equipment up to 400,000 btu/h. The program includes hands-on training outdoors, consisting of connecting, lighting and disconnecting a torch or heater, and classroom performance reviews.

Participants must wear CSA-certified safety boots, eye protection*, long sleeves, and be dressed for outdoor activity.

* eye protection and Neoprene gloves will be supplied for hook-up and disconnect.

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Course Information

Course Length: 4 Hours (plus practical evaluations)
Course Includes:
  Wallet Card
  Records of Training
Who Should Attend:
  Persons who will be working with Propane in a construction environment.
  At Your Location
  On our Mobile Safety Bus
Price: 139.00/person
* minimum 5 participants
* does not include HST



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