Safe Crane and Slinging Operations

Legal Requirements As Required by the OHSA and Regulations

Participants will receive training in Legislation as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and it's Regulations and in the safe use and pre-use inspections related to the Safe Operations for Lifting Devices. 

  • ACT: Section 25(2)(A), 25(2)(D), and 25(2)(H)
  • Contruction Projects: Regulation 213 - Section 150-156 
  • Lifting Devices/Cranes: Regulation 851 - Sections 51(1), (2) and 2, 54-59

Before training begins, your instructor will conduct a brief inspection of your cranes and the working environment. This will allow the trainer to customize the course material accordingly. 

Course Objectives:

  • Know the legal requirements and procedures for safe use of cranes, hoist and proper rigging methods.
  • Know how to identify basic hazards and controls critical to safety.
  • Plan for your load and slinging in a safe manner, and check the setup to ensure safety.
  • Plan for raising, moving and lowering loads safely, and to check for your typical lifting problems.


  • Learn your legal responsibilities for operating cranes and hoists.
  • Learn your legal responsibilities for slinging/rigging loads safely.
  • Learn the best practices and procedures from experienced, competent persons.
  • Gain practical knowledge to help avoid potential safety problems.
  • Gain knowledge of legal liabilities for contravening regulations.
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Course Information

Course Length: 6 hours
Course Includes:
  Wall Certificate
  Wallet Cards
  Tests/Driving Evaluations
  Records of Training
Who Should Attend:
  This is a MANDATORY Training program for anyone who is authorized to operate Cranes, Hoists and/or Rigging equipment.
  At Your Location
  Our Training Facility
  On our Mobile Safety Bus
Price: 139.00/person
  * price does not include HST 
  * travel costs may apply



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