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Randy Dignard, President of Industrial Safety Trainers Inc. Makes Front Page News

An influential leader in the Health and Safety industry and progressive advocate for the worker, the story of how Industrial Safety Trainers Inc. came to be makes the front page of the Huronia Business Times.




Ontario is improving efficiency and competitiveness in the construction industry by allowing the limited use of stilts while ensuring that workers are protected from injury.

The province is amending the Construction Regulation under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to allow stilts to be used in residential construction beginning January 1, 2010. Stilts will be permitted for use by workers installing insulation and vapour barriers and finishing drywall. Workers may use stilts only after they have completed special training and only with specific safety measures in place.

Other amendments to the Construction Regulation under the Occupational Health and Safety Act provide stakeholders with more flexibility regarding wooden guardrail systems while maintaining fall protection for workers.

Ministry Of Labour Announces Their New Safety Blitz for February - Forklifts and Other Lifting Devices

On February 2nd the Minister Peter Fonseca of the Ministry of Labour attended Industrial Safety Trainers training centre to announce the newest safety blitz for February 2010.

The inspectors will be traveling around the province for lift truck related infractions. The blitz was prompted in part by results of a similar blitz in February 2009: inspectors visited 1,295 workplaces and issued 4,172 orders — 50% more orders per visit than usual for the ministry’s Industrial Program in that fiscal year.
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