Train The Trainer WHMIS - GHS Training

This course is designed for participants that have a good understanding of WHMIS and Regulation 860. Train The Trainer WHMIS - GHS is a one-day course and is designed for businesses that have a minimum of chemicals within the workplace, or that the hazards associated with the chemicals pose a minimum hazard to workers. For businesses that have designated substances or inventory a large amount of chemicals or chemicals that pose a serous danger to workers, it is recommended that a more comprehensive program be developed for them. This would include proper use of PPE and instruction in the development of a safety program that will teach workers of potential hazards. The first portion of the day is spent with the participants reviewing the video based training program which is included as part of the course. We will ensure they understand each element and how to deliver it to your staff. The second portion of the day is spent on teaching adults, lesson planning and the legal stuff they will need to know.

The following are prerequisites for this Train The Trainer Program.

WHMIS - GHS Validation  

The following would be the prerequisite for TTT WHMIS: Participants must hold a current WHMIS validation

Participants will receive training in the following elements:

  • Legislation, record keeping and definition of competency
  • The Ministry of Labour
  • Responsibilities & liabilities as a WHMIS Trainer
  • Introduction to the course
  • Planning your class timetable
  • How to administer proper testing procedures
  • How to effectively teach adults
  • Communication skills
  • Checking for and understanding feedback
  • Practice your new skills in a mock class

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Course Information

Course Length: 8 hours
Course Includes:
  WHMIS Video Based Training Program, including leaders guide, participant manual, wall and wallet certificates. Train the Trainer Manual. Electronic copy of all forms and templates needed to ensure proper documentation, including wall certificates and other teaching aids. Five Copies
of WHMIS participant's manual.
Who Should Attend:
  See prerequisites
  At Your Location
  Our Training Facility
  On our Mobile Safety Bus
Price: $1400.00 flat rate
  * price does not include HST
  * travel costs may apply
  * price includes up to 4 participants.  Additional participants will be charged a nominal fee.






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