Violence in the Workplace

Supervisor Training

By law, every employer is required to train their Supervisory staff.

Seven Things Supervisors Need to Know

1. What are the warning signs
2. What is workplace violence?
3. Do you have bullies in your workplace?
4. Prevention and early intervention
5. An overview of Bill 168
6. What Bill 168 means to employers and supervisors
7. Investigation into harassment and violence in the workplace

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Risk Assessment Workshop

Under Bill 168, workplaces are now required to conduct a Risk Assessment to evaluate the risk of violence within their place of employment:

  • Join us for an interactive 3-hour workshop and learn how to conduct your own Violence in the Workplace Risk Assessment.  

Policies and Procedures Workshop

Bill 168 requires all employers to prepare policies addressing workplace violence and harassment based on their Risk Assessment:

  • Join us for an interactive 3-hour workshop that will walk you through the process of developing your own Violence In The Workplace Policies and Procedures.
  • You will be provided with examples of what these policies and procedures may look like.
  • We will also discuss the training requirements necessary to ensure that your staff are properly trained.


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Need Assistance With Your Risk Assessment and Procedure Writing?

This service is designed for businesses that would prefer to have one of our consultants conduct the Risk Assessment and develop the supporting Policies and Procedures.

Violence Risk Assessment, Policy and Procedure writing for only $1200.00  (for most businesses)

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This course is also offered online for $24.95. Click here for e-Learning modules and account registration. See 'Workplace Violence Training for Supervisors and JHSC Members' in the Course Library.

Course Information

Course Length: 4 hours
Course Includes:
  Wall Certificate
  Records of Training
Who Should Attend:
  All workers are required to have some level of training in the company’s Violence policies and procedures. Management requires additional training. These 3 workshops are focused towards those in charge of setting up the company’s Violence In The Workplace Program.
  At Your Location
  Our Training Facility
  On our Mobile Safety Bus
Price: 139.00/person
  * price per workshop 
  * price does not include HST
  * travel costs may apply



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