Working at Heights Certification Training

This Training meets and exceeds the new Ministry Of Labour’s Working at Heights Training Program Standard

Legal Requirements as Required By the OHSA and Regulation 213:

Participants will receive training in following Legislation and Standards. Legislation as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Regulations.

- Occupational Health and Safety Act—Section 25,26,27 & 28
- Regulation 213—Section 21,26

Other Standards that apply:

- CSA Standard Z259

- Ministry Of Labour's Working At Heights Standard

Participants will receive training in the following elements:

  • Categories of falls
  • Control measures
  • Floors and openings
  • Fixed barriers and guardrails
  • Warning barriers and handrails
  • Surface openings
  • Safety belts / lifelines / lanyards / anchorage
  • Specifications of a Fall Arrest System
  • Horizontal and slope roof Fall Arrest System
  • Retractable lifeline Fall Arrest System
  • Fall containment systems
  • Connection devices and tie-off points
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Rescue Training Requirements

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Course Information

Course Length: 8 hours
Course Includes:
  Manuals / Work books
  Working at Heights Certification Card
  Records of training including
attendance report
original copy of tests
quizzes and practical evaluations
  Records of Training
Who Should Attend:
  Mandatory training program for any worker on a construction job that would see that worker working at heights or exposed to a fall of 3 meters or more. Employers, supervisors and workers.
  At Your Location
  Our Training Facility
  On our Mobile Safety Bus
  Min. 6  - $139.00 per person
  * price does not include HST
  * travel costs may apply


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