International Safety Systems INC.

Looking for Safety Supplies? We recommend that you speak with International Safety Systems in Newmarket. We trust that they look after our clients and provide them with the best products at reasonable rates.

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC)

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) is a unique not-for-profit consortium of manufacturers, incorporated to facilitate each member’s development, both individually & collectively, towards improving their competitiveness as a strong community infrastructure of world-class business.

Members Sharing to Optimize Learning, Expertise & Resources to Achieve World Class”

EMC Canada Head Office:
P.O. Box 396, Owen Sound ON N4K 5P7
EMC Learning Centre: 866.323.4362
Fax Toll Free: 866.298.5732

Acede Consulting Group

The Acede Consulting Group is comprised of experts in the field of overall Accessibility in Ontario. They are experts in:

  • Design of Public Spaces Standard and Facility Audits and recommendations;
  • AODA consulting solutions towards compliancy;
  • Website accessibility recommendations and execution;
  • Compliancy order resolutions;
  • Accessibility training to organizations staff members on;
  • Identifying and dealing with individuals with disabilities,
  • promoting a psychological safe and healthy workplace,
  • Certificate Program on Accessibility and Inclusion
  • Mental Health First Aid Training Program.


It is essential that businesses hire people that are able to do the work that needs to be done.  To ensure that new hires are capable of doing the work, businesses should complete a physical assessment of the new hire(s).  The cost of the assessments could save businesses money. Our friends at Focus Workplace is our first choice for employee health assessments.

Kit Care

Kit Care has been in Ontario servicing businesses for over 50 years.  They offer a cost effective means of helping businesses keep and maintain their first aid kits.  Great products, great people.


DBS is a Toronto-area company that specializes in Forklift safety solutions.  They offer a wide range of equipment that can be attached to forklifts, thereby allowing for the safer operation of lift trucks. 

Lasting Solutions

Lotte is an incredible resource for any business that is looking for sustainable growth.  Her expertise in HR strategies combined with a customized Plan of Action produces measureable results and positive growth.

Emergency Management & Training

Emergency Management & Training Inc. is a professional consulting and training firm specializing in emergency and disaster preparedness for municipalities, First Nations, health care and educational facilities, public and private corporations, and many others. We also work with EMS, Fire and 9-1-1 Dispatch Centres to assist with strategic planning, issue resolution, and reaching peak performance.

Ergo Consulting

Need a great Ergonomist to help you assess if you are meeting compliance?  See our friends at Ergo Consulting!

TJ Solutions

Your child care management experts

TJ Solutions provides innovative and interactive workshops specifically designed for the:

Child Care,  Public Health, Social Services, and Education Communities.