Safe Start

The trainers at SafeStart are professional and knowledgeable. They can assist you in the understanding of human error in the workplace. SafeStart is a safety training process that helps workers develop personal 24/7 safety skills to prevent human error. Their training has proven to reduce injuries by 30%-70% and it fits with existing safety systems. Learn more about SafeStart and human error prevention at



Clik-Clik™ gets your signage up in seconds….without a ladder!

Clik-Clik Systems Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of a unique Canadian magnetic hanging system that enables signage to be hung level – quickly and safely without any ladders! Using powerful ceiling magnets and extension poles instead of ladders, suspension is fast and the risk of falling is eliminated. Our amazing LoopLine hangs signs level, making Clik-Clik the ideal hanging solution for any drop ceiling, industrial girder ceiling, and for ceilings of all heights.

With Clik-Clik it’s quick, easy and more importantly, it’s SAFE with both feet planted firmly on the ground!

To see us in action, please visit